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Joy of learning
Széchenyi 2020


GEOMATECH competitions consist of a series of playful monthly challenges in mathematics and science, in which communities of students can submit creative ideas to STEM topics. During the competition, students work on the challenges in teams helping the improvement of their communication, cooperative and social skills. Throughout the GEOMATECH competitions students can also develop their computing and instrumental skills, become proficient in visualizing, interpreting and presenting their ideas, experiments and results.

Teams of 1 to 5 students will receive new challenges every month. The difficulty of the tasks is based on the students’ age (there are six age groups from grade 1 to 12). To complete these tasks students have to use GeoGebra, one of the world’s most popular, easy to use, free educational software, which makes easier to understand abstract phenomena through its spectacular visual representation, and playfully helps to improve the students’ computing skills as well.