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Széchenyi 2020

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In January 2014, a unique, large-scale, project for education development was launched by the BKF Foundation for Communication, the BKF University of Applied Sciences, and the GeoGebra Non-profit Ltd. The principal aims of the GEOMATECH project are to raise the standard and appeal of mathematics and science in the Hungarian public education and to motivate primary and secondary school students to study STEM subjects. In the GEOMATECH project, 1800 high-quality digital teaching materials for K-12 STEM education will be developed, which will not only help to create an efficient, playful and experimental learning environment, but could also improve Hungary’s international stance in these fields. The GEOMATECH project will offer free access to its online digital teaching materials to anyone.

Professional background in Hungary and abroad

Our colleagues both in Hungary and abroad develop digital teaching materials that are up-to-date, based international research methodologies, and meet the requirements of the Hungarian national curriculum with the help of GeoGebra, one of the world’s most popular STEM software. GeoGebra enables teachers and students to visually represent abstract STEM concepts and phenomena. GeoGebra also offers connections to teachers, students, and researchers in Hungary to a large worldwide community. The project heavily relies on the professional potential of this international community, since colleagues at the University of Cambridge and the International GeoGebra Institute in Linz also cooperate in developing methodological foundations for the project, sharing good practices internationally, and disseminating results of the project.

GEOMATECH teacher trainings

The goal of our accredited and free teacher trainings is to introduce our digital teaching materials to 2400 teachers in 800 primary and secondary schools from all regions of Hungary and to offer opportunities for teachers to collect GEOMATECH online tasks supporting their teaching in the classroom and during their lesson preparations. After successfully completing the training, teachers will be able to use the GeoGebra software, to gather GEOMATECH materials for their classes, and to become capable modifying materials to suit them to their teaching style and the needs of their students.

GEOMATECH competitions

GEOMATECH competitions consist of a series of monthly playful challenges in mathematics and science, in which communities of students can submit creative ideas related to STEM topics. During the competition students work on the challenges in teams helping the development of their communication, cooperative and social skills. Throughout the GEOMATECH competitions students can also develop their computing and instrumental skills, become proficient in visualizing, interpreting and presenting their ideas, experiments, and results.