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Joy of learning
Széchenyi 2020

For Students

The GEOMATECH project is a unique project in education development with the aim to motivate primary and secondary school students to study STEM subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Geography. Do you think it is impossible?

We believe it is not!

Our goal is to ensure that more students choose STEM careers by making them interested in these subjects.

How can we achieve this goal? We pay attention to you.

We create interactive digital teaching materials, so that you can actively explore things during the lesson. You can also improve your skills outside the school, because these materials are online, so you have access to them whenever, wherever you want.

What is an interactive teaching material?

You can view and modify them as you wish. You can create new materials, solve problems and explore interesting relations. You can show your work to your friends with the help of the GeoGebra software (more information about the software at ). As you can see, this programme is not only for geniuses in Mathematics and Science, but also to anyone interesred in exploring science themselves. You can learn playfully, and what seemed so difficult so far, will become easy and interesting.

1800 digital teaching material will be created by this project and your teachers will also be instructed about their use and free access will be provided to these materials to anyone.