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Széchenyi 2020

Cooperative Partners


GeoGebra is the world’s most significant free multi-platform and dynamic mathematics software intended to support learning and teaching mathematics and science from elementary school to university level. The software has won numerous awards in Europe and the United States, such as the European and American Educational Software Award and the Tech Award.

The digital teaching materials of the GEOMATECH project are visualized through the GeoGebra software by our national and international supporters. However, GeoGebra is not only a software to support learning and teaching in mathematics and science, but as well it has an international community of thousands of teachers. The project heavily relies on the professional potential of this worldwide community, since the International Geogebra Institute in Linz also cooperates in developing methodological foundations for the project, sharing good practices internationally and disseminating the results of the project.


CCITE (Cambridge Centre for Innovation in Technological Education)  is an initiative which brings together the UK's leading thinkers in business, corporate and academic circles is that the current science, mathematics, information and technology to contribute to education reform. The Budapest College of Communication and Business under the Agreement between the CCITE and international co-operation agreement, Dr. Tony Houghton, educational development director education organization supported by the expertise GEOMATECH project.

For this, BKF and GEOMATECH have appointed:

CCITE Adrian Oldknow GEOMATECH Visiting Professor in STEM Education

CCITE Tony Houghton GEOMATECH Visiting Professor in STEM Education

Experience Workshop

The Experience Workshop – Movement for the Experience Centered Education of Mathematics started in 2008 as a collaborative effort of worldwide known scientists, artists and educators of Ars Geometria International Convention and Workshop. Their goal is to show that Mathematics is more than abstract science, it is a tool for experiencing, and creative production. The idea behind their concept of combining the good practices of Mathematics and Art teaching is that the future generations need new skills, abilities and knowledge, which can only be developed through new educational aprroaches.